Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Heart, His Rainbow -Guest Heart Thursday

Yesterday the skies were filled with spectacular piles of scattered thunderheads.  I was on my way to Gleaners, when a rainbow stretched its length across the skies.  I gasped when I saw the heart.   I turned off the road to take this amazing photo.

Rainbows always appear when something momentous is about to happen.  I was reminded again of the rainbows I saw in the clouds when flying in an airplane.  They're round--a circle which doesn't end.  Their message is God's Love Never Changes.  His promises are sure and true.

Today my husband is seeing the surgeon who will be removing his cancer in the days ahead.   Today, our family weeps as Daddy becomes weaker and weaker.  He will soon leave this world.

Yet somehow in the midst of these frightening, heartbreaking moments. God is there, filling our hearts with hope.

My heart, His rainbow.

(This heart is yours, too, Sissy)  I love you.

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Lois said...

Sending prayers your way Beth.

Clytie said...

Oh sissie. What an incredible moment ... wow.

Laura said...

dearest beth sending you love and prayers...may your heart be strengthened even as it is breaking open at this difficult time.

Laura said...

holding you and your beloveds prayerfully dear Beth.