Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Piles of Blue Snow

Two years ago over a foot of snow fell.  Here in the Independence "Vortex," deep snow is a rare phenomenon.  Memories of this lovely blue snowfall (in the right light, of course) are especially precious, because it was the last snowfall I shared with my Beloved.  It was such a beautiful time in our lives.  The snow actually lasted for a couple of weeks.

So far this winter, it has rained over 10 inches.  There is a flood watch currently covering the entire Willamette Valley of Oregon.  The river, which is only a few blocks from here, is very high.  I would not be surprised if we saw the water rise past the parking lot.

In the meantime, life is an adventure.  I only wish I could share it with my darling husband.  It is amazing that he has been gone a little over a year now.

I'm so grateful for Family and Friends who have surrounded me with love and care.

You, dear ones, are in my prayers. You know who you are.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mystery in the Front Yard

I stayed with my Mom for a few days and caught this amazing picture of her front yard.  Once there was a circle lawn there, where my cousins, neighbors and siblings and I played games like Statue and Red Rover.

Over the years, the forest has encroached and its mystery often slides into the front lawn where I once played as a child.  I rather love the idea.

In fact, one never knows what treasures  one may find beneath the oak and maple trees.  It is so beautiful.  I love my childhood home and the forests where we once played.

Have a lovely day, dear ones.  Some of you have been absent for quite awhile--I want you to know I noticed and I have been praying for you.

Merry Christmas!