Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ice Flowers

Just after sunrise last week, I noticed frost faeries had covered the wood with these delicate ice flowers. They bloomed a short time before disappearing. What a wonderful way to start the day! I am always amazed by the exquisite detail one can find in nature.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Have you ever had the sensation of being watched? The hair prickles on the back of the neck and one's shoulders hunch to ward off an unwanted gaze.
Out clicking pictures one frozen morning, I felt like I was being watched.
I caught her with my camera, I did!
Egad--there she is . . .
But 'tis only me. Framed!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Heart of Flame

This photo is for my sister Clytie--Queen of Hearts! My husband and I were enjoying a quiet evening together, snuggling on the sofa watching the lights of the Christmas tree and the play of the firelight upon the bricks. Suddenly I saw a glowing red heart in the flames. To my husband's astonishment, I leaped to my feet, grabbed my camera, pulled the screen door from the woodstove and started clicking away.

Poor fellow, he's getting used to my odd behavior when it comes to sudden-impulse-camera-shutter-clicking!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fist in Sky

At first I thought this cloud looked like a square--but then it seemed to be a fist in the sky. Such pretty pastel colors in this sunset! The photo is a little grainy because of the twilight. My camera rarely takes great pictures when it gets a little dark.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was visiting my parents when the cat hopped up onto the arm of the sofa where I sat. After a few moments I realized the little thing was fast asleep. I've never seen a cat sleep this way before . . . sitting up, head tucked into toes, tail wrapped around nose.
It's enough to make one just laugh outloud!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fairytale Condo

On one of our long walks through the forests of our childhood, Clytie and I found this amazing conch growing on the side of a huge stump. I love these kind of conches. If removed from the stump, they will dry exactly as you see here and last for years.

This one made me think of a fairy condo--I think it must be--it is exactly how I imagine a fairy house to look. Which is why (ahem) I did not remove it from its growing place to take it home!

Merry Christmas! There is so much for which to be thankful.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Egad! It's an EAR!

Okay, okay it's just a mushroom!

But I have to tell ya, for a startled moment or so, it looked for all the world like someone had lost an ear there in the grass . . .

Heh, heh, heh--have a GREAT Monday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Elegant Curl

On our last walk in the Forest of our childhood, Clytie and I unexpectedly found the most amazing dangles of curling bark. Of all the photos I took of those beautiful and graceful curlings -- this one seems the most intriguing.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Angels Overhead

Late last summer, when Dad and Mom were still living with us while Dad recovered from his injuries, I went for an evening stroll and caught this angel cloud floating over the trees. She was beautiful and unexpected, to be sure.
Have a wonderful week and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gnome? Eagle? Dolphin?

Friday night we had the privilege of performing at a dinner theater for a retreat center near Silver Creek Falls. The performance was powerful and we made many new friends. It was a truly fabulous experience. For dinner the chef served the most wonderfully tasty gourmet food. What a treat! The dinner that night and brunch the following morning were spectacular, both in quality and presentation.

We spent a comfortable night in their lovely accommodations. As soon as it was light I went exploring and found this amazing stump. I see so many things in this beautiful woodland scene--an eagle, a plump partridge, a gnome . . .

So, of course I must ask, what do YOU see?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rock Ship

This amazing formation can be found on the Oregon Coast near Pacific City. It is such a unique rock--to me it looks like a ship aground. What do you think?
CHRISTMAS GIFT: There is a Christmas present for all you precious people who have prayed for my sister last week and Dad & Mumsie over the past months. You can pick it up at Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Egad--it's an Ice Dog!

I was intrigued when I noticed a hollow column of ice which had formed where the small waterfall splashes into the pond in my garden. As you can see, the water runs down through the middle! Of course, I had to click a photo.
Unexpectedly, when I checked out the picture on my computer--I was sure I could see an ice dog. He's sitting up, facing to the left. He sports jowls, eye, floppy ear and his nose rests against the grey stone. He's either wrapped up in a plump ice blanket, or he's VERY fat.

For the viewing him best, click for the larger picture. Can you see him???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Touching the Light

This is a photo I took last Fall of a cloud touching the sun. This morning, as I perused my myriad collection of photos, this one seemed to fit the day best.

My heart is full of hope for the future. Sometimes one's hope can be renewed by looking back upon the blessings of one's life. I am surely doing that today, with GREAT thankfulness.

Be sure to drop by Clytie's blogs this morning--she has two wonderful entries you all need to read. Thank you everyone for your warmth, thoughts and prayers for my darling sister. YOU are an integral part of this miracle.

Here are the links: and

May God bless you all--and a very Merry Christmas to you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Glorious Pile of Shrooms

Thursday my delightful sister Clytie and I went for a long walk through the forest and fields near where we grew up. We had such a great time together. Truthfully, I will never take those times spent with my sister for granted, ever again . . .

Here you see a fabulous pile of mushrooms. I love the plush color and shape they have--the way they mound up and spill over. Truly glorious.

SISSY UPDATE: Clytie is doing very well. I spoke with her this morning--it was SO good to hear her voice. She says she slept well and except for a little weakness, feels almost completely back to normal. All praise for her healing must be given to God. How gracious and kind He is! Thank you everyone for your prayers! God heard you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Miracle for My Sister

Thank you--everyone who has prayed for my sweet sister Clytie's recovery . . . tonight, as I write to you, it is with a thankful heart.

Clytie had a stroke at 5 a.m. Friday morning. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital--it took me an hour to get there from where I live. Her right side was paralyzed and she could barely speak. To write of this, just . . . well, as I type here I am weeping . . . I have lost a brother and came close just now to losing my beloved sister, my friend.

I stood by her side. They had done everything they could do--it was a waiting game. She would get better, worse, then better, then worse—that last time was the most frightening, I was rubbing her numb foot when suddenly I realized she wasn’t feeling the pressure of my fingers.

I walked over to her bedside and looked at her right hand and it was starting to curl. I felt so scared for her. I took her hand into my own. The nurses did some tests, and she could not lift her leg or her arm, and her speech was blurred. So I walked to the head of the bed and I put my hand on her hair. She had closed her eyes, and was so still.

I was praying over her when I had such a compulsion--I felt I was to put my other hand on Sissy's head and pray for her healing. I felt a little foolish—but I obeyed. But then, as I prayed, my hands got hot—like an oven. It was the strangest thing--I could feel the heat actually radiating down from my palms. My prayer was that healing would pour down through her body like warm oil. In my mind’s eye, I saw the connections that were hurt, reconnecting and sparking. I don’t know how long I stood there praying. But as soon as I was done, Clytie opened her eyes and said as clear as a bell, “Aren’t you getting bored standing there with nothing to do?” I said, “of course not, I’ve been praying for you.”

A couple minutes later Clytie lifted her right hand—the one that she couldn’t move before and was looking at her fingers and hand with astonishment. She started wiggling her fingers. She curled her toes. The numbness began to recede from her limbs.

Just after that, I left for my parent's house to bring her twins to see her. By the time we returned the numbness was completely gone. Clytie could lift both her right leg and arm easily, she could speak clearly, the numbness was gone.

Clytie has steadily improved since then—Tonight she ate dinner, she sat up in the chair and she’s been walking the halls—if all goes well she’s going home tomorrow afternoon. I’m just so amazed, and moved. Clot busting drugs and the prayers of a loving sister. I am convinced a miracle happened.

All the doctors and nurses are just agog. The physical therapist says Clytie is a “rock star!” (grin) They are astonished she’s completely recovered, given that just yesterday her entire right side was totally and utterly paralyzed. One nurse told me a full recovery like hers is exceedingly rare. The doctor hardly knew what to say, except that sometimes things happen they can't explain.

Please pray for my precious sister's continued healing and growing strength—the CAT scan shows she did have a stroke—the doctor says it is an area the size of a Lima bean, with a kind of vulnerable halo around it. She says she doesn’t feel anything is different than it was, but she’s still a little weak and tires easily.

I am so thankful for your good thoughts and prayers for my precious little sister. I promised Clytie I would upload a picture--which was taken this morning--and she sends her grateful love and thanks to each and every one of you.

Sometimes we wonder if God cares about us as we live our lives here on earth. He does--He cares. He's watching over us and loves us! All Glory to God for the things He has done!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Adventurer

Here is my tiny partner in adventure! The picture was taken last summer during one of our great explorations. (grin) When my darling girl comes to visit, we color, we play, we walk, we swing, we look at birds and flowers, we visit the river and explore. I love being her "Auntie Bee." What a wonderful, fabulous privilege to be a part of this precious little person's life!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Run Baby Run!

These are some of my favorite photos. Not because necessarily spectacular--but because of the unexpected content!

My husband and I went to the Oregon coast for our 26th anniversary. The weather was spectacular, as were the sunset and seas . . . we were snuggling together, up on the side of one of the cliffs overlooking the ocean, when we noticed a photographer setting up his camera tripod on the rocks below. You can see him in the photo above, when you click for the larger sized photo.

As we watched his intensity, we became increasingly concerned for his safety--the waves were awesome, beautiful--the sunset was perfect--but the tide was coming in along with the surge from an incoming storm and HE was in danger--not to mention all that expensive equipment!

We watched in horror and disbelief as the waves wildly pummelled the rocks, closer and closer--sometimes splashing clear over his precarious perch.

We watched breathless as the photographer waited until the very last moment possible to dash to safety across the dangerously slickery rocks. The crashing waves missed him by a millisecond.
Watching we had felt so helpless--what would we have done if he had fallen? The photographer could not have known I was on the cliff clicking his dangerous escapade. What glorious photos he must have captured! What a relief he escaped unscathed.

Later looking at these photographs--I had to laugh--I know that feeling. Must stay to get that perfect picture.....Then run, baby RUN!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nutty Squirrel

Here is our little friend who unexpectedly dropped to watch as I stacked firewood out back. I was able to click this picture of him before he scampered up the tree, humongous nut in mouth. He didn't seem to be very afraid and watched for the longest time. Interactive squirrel TV? I wonder.

As you can see he is eating his breakfast--a black walnut from our dastardly walnut tree in the back yard. I say dastardly--only in the fall, when I must take care of all those leaves which must be raked and disposed of--otherwise the grass will not grow. (Grin)

He is a little blurry, but I liked his pose and fearlessness. He was really enjoying that nut.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cozy Napper

Crickette' is the other "woman" in my husband's life.

Though Crickette' seems to seek me out sometimes and even condescends to sit with me -- Alan is the true love of her life. She grooms his hair, kisses his lips (when she can get away with it), sits in his lap and hooks him with a claw to get his attention when he walks by. She demands treats and adores his bearded face.

And of course, as you can see, she's so darn cute she can get away with it!!!

Another great thing about this sweet little cat is she doesn't like to chase birds and such. It is beneath her. Perhaps, along with loving the same man, that is why we tolerate one another!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What is THAT?

Eola Inn Restaurant is located along the Willamette River near Salem. The view is better than spectacular. One can often see bald eagles and golden hawks along with geese, ducks and other birds, swooping and dipping along the river. And if the view weren't attraction enough, their tasty meals are incredibly reasonable.

We were having lunch with our friend Vern, when I noticed this awesome cloud. Of course, I had my camera along and no one seemed to mind when I leaped to my feet to press my camera against the gigantic glass windows to take a picture. It must be a common occurrence? Anyhow, here you see what I saw. . .I think it might be a space ship?! What do YOU think?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunset Stormin'

Heading on Highway 99 just before the small town of Dundee--I became so enthralled with the unexpected beauty of clouds and skies--I could not drive properly. So I pulled over near a great field and started taking pictures.

This is one of my favorites from that early evening sky show. I love this photo--an Oregon rainstorm sweeping into the sunset.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unexpected Bounty

In late summer, when warmth still tinged the air, Clytie and I found this unexpected bevy of fragrant blackberries festooning a prickly pine tree.

I can taste those warm, sweet berries yet. And as always I yearn for summertime.

Daddy Update: Great news! Dad has formally been discharged from the wound specialist. The top of his head is completely healed. He has also been fitted for a more comfortable neck collar to support his still-broken neck.

However, Dad is still having flashbacks to his time in the prison camp--they are even more vivid than before. Yesterday Dad went to the VA Hospital for some tests to find out why. I would appreciate your continued prayers for the healing of Dad's neck and the cessation of those flashbacks. Mom would appreciate your prayers, too. This is all very hard for her.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ice Feathers

The other night we had our first taste of frost. For years I've tried to catch the beautiful feathered designs spread across the window glass of my car. Here is the result of my most recent attempt. The colors and design are just exquisite! The ice faeries did a glorious job, didn't they?

If you look closely, I think you can see the profile of a little bluebird, complete with wings outspread in front of him. (grin) I know, I know--I have a GREAT imagination!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainbow Tears

My wise and wonderful sister Clytie once told me years ago--you can't have a rainbow without the rain.

This morning I found a most perfect quote given by another dear sister of mine. It suits this day of rainbows.

Almost any rainbow
Finds a place to start,
In a rain stained heaven,
Or a tear stained heart…
--Lillian Everts
Take hope--sometimes sadness can result in beauteous joy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anna's Hummingbird

Yesterday I was out taking pictures of some amazing cloud formations streaming across the skies, when I heard a loud chittering. I answered back as I often do--and from there began quite a conversation.

Finally curiosity got the better of me and I stepped closer to the pond and overhanging branches to see who was making all the fuss. There was a tiny grey hummingbird. The little fellow tipped his bright eye at me and chittered to me. I answered back--both in hummingbird and human speak--and he flew a little closer. Then he sat on the branch and told me all about whatever it was that was bothering him. Whatever it was seemed quite important.

So I cleaned and filled the feeder for him. This morning I saw him flit past the living room window.

Apparently there is new research out about hummingbirds. It was once thought they did not winter over in cold areas--but flew south for the winter. Contrary to that idea, it appears these little birds are quite hardy, often braving temperatures way past freezing.

They sleep in dense evergreen foliage near houses and fences.

If you do have a wintering hummingbird, they advise that once you put a feeder out, you must keep the feeder going all winter--changing the elixer every six days. This is because the little fellows would have to forage further for food and might starve without the feeders in place.

Now I shall have to name my noisy little visitor. They can become quite tame and have been known come within a few feet of the people who care for them. When the feeders are empty, they will even ask for them to be filled!

I'm looking forward to getting to know this teeny little fellow. I can already see he has quite a huge personality.

Note: Abe Lincoln of who clicks the most amazing photos of birds in his back yard, believes this may be a female ruby throated Hummingbird.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Beauty of Redwood

We were gone in total three nights. Our performances went very well. Our audiences laughed and they cried. It is wonderful and fulfulling to see how people's lives are touched and changed through such a small thing as a story.

On our way home along the Redwood Highway, we stopped at two Redwood Beryl shops. Both places were truly unique. The whimsical building above was built by a man who's imagination and creativity know no bounds. I was fascinated not only with the building, but with the beautiful things within. I had the privilege of meeting this incredibly talented old dreamer woodcarver. I had the joy of shaking his hand.

I loved this incredible jolly faced carving. I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for craggy faces. The wrinkles of a face well-lived, are truly beautiful to me. They charm and delight my heart. I long to hear the stories behind such fascinating features.

These two faces were carved into the log supports for the building. I especially enjoyed the old man who's sticking his tongue out.

Here are two more wonderful carvings which were a part of an actual tree posing as a support in the center of this amazing place.

You can see why I loved this handsome crinkled face.

Here is a chair which was built by the son of the master carver. I sat in this one. It was amazingly comfortable. I would have brought it home with me, had I the financial means to buy it.

This wonderful carving of horses came from the second beryl shop. The owner of the shop had the kind of weathered face so filled with personality, a woodcarver might be tempted to put the man's likeness into one of the trees he loves so much.
The eagle was so graceful and fierce I was in awe of him.

I would have brought this saucy moose home with me if I could have--his ears are made from hollowed redwood beryl. I think he might have been flirting with me...what do you think?

Here is the entrance to the shop where I found the horses, eagle and moose. I LOVE those trees. I would love to have a few of them in my garden. I think the faeries who live there would like them too. (grin)
These unusual places were like museums. Though I took a lot of pictures of mountains and clouds during our trip--I was so taken by the unexpected beauty of the carvings we found in these out of the way, incredible redwood beryl shops--that I wanted to feature them on today's blog.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning's Glory

I don't usually put up more than one photo on this blog. But this morning's splendor caught me by surprise . . . as did the news that our dear old friend Henry flew away to heaven last night.

He wasn't feeling too well--so to be free of the pain and weakness he had, must have been a revelation of glorious freedom.

His flight from this world into the next...

Must have been breathtaking.

Good bye, dear Henry. I will see you on the day I fly away to join you and so many others I love.
In the meantime, oh, I will miss you. And I will smile when I remember you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sun Circle

I just went outside a few moments ago and was amazed to catch this unexpected glimpse of a rainbow circling the sun. Up until recent years, I had read about them, but had not actually seen one myself. Only a moment later and the rainbow was gone. I consider it a privilege and a blessing to share this wonderously colorful Sun Circle with you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Eye of Sun

Believe it or not, this is the sun as I saw it this morning. High clouds burned with faint color, as a layer of darker mist wafted across the skies...the resulting photo is this unexpectedly eerie picture -- Eye of Sun. Brrrrr. . .

Many of the pictures I post are those I take just outside my kitchen door in the skies above our neighbor's fence. This photo is no exception. Our neighbor's roofline is just below and between those two trees. This picture is the best of five I was able to click, before the mists completely covered the sun.

And yes, I practically wear my camera like a piece of jewelry. One just never knows what unexpected thing might pop into view.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fairy's Lace

In early June, my husband and I drove through Oregon's spectacular Columbia Gorge. We crossed the Bridge of the Gods to the Washington side. On our way back home we stopped to watch the restless waters and wander through Stevenson's lush wonderland parks.
Though it was late in the season I found Fairy's Lace in full bloom. This delightful native bush flowers in early spring. As a child I looked forward to signs of spring after the long dreary winter. Violets, May flowers, Johnny Jumpups and Faery's lace were heralds of warmer days to come.
One can see why faeries might want to wear these delicate flowerings as lace.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainbow Grasses

I often marvel over the beauty of grass. There is a lovely grace of movement when the wind blows and they dance to that subtle tune.

Here Fall has touched the grasses with a delicate brush of Autumn color.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple Cauliflower?!

Unexpected and a surprise indeed when my friend Laura presented me with this extraordinary purple cauliflower. I did not know such things existed. Purple should be relegated to dessert, don't you think? However, I cooked it up--and OH! How marvelously delish!

I even found a purple cauliflower heart for my Sissy--Clytie, the Queen of hearts!

Daddy Update: My precious Dad lost his balance and fell, scraping away some of the delicate newly formed skin on the top of his head. Please pray this area continues to heal and that no infection will take hold. Dad is also experiencing some disorientation. He did not recognize Mums a few mornings ago. He was apparently having another flashback to WW2. Please pray that Dad will gain strength and that these flashbacks will stop. Thank you so much.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fluffy Clouds of Chicks

Last Spring I visited Dad and Mom. To my surprise there was a homemade incubater on the table in the living room. Those adorable chicks piled themselves near the light--like warm downy clouds.
These days them chicks, is big chickens and the ladies, er, rule the roost!