Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Lichen to Something AMAZING!

I had no idea when Martina of Chartelaine's Designs said she was inspired by the above photo, that she really meant to do something about it!  Please take a look at the GORGEOUS work she's done...I'm just speechless with admiration.  I would encourage you all to visit Martina's blog--there's a link in my sidebar.  She is such a creative person!  You will love what she does!

I have dreamed of making clothing--dying the colors to match what I see in nature--for years.  Martina has actually done it in real life.  Above you see the fruits of her labor.  I'm just astounded and VERY honored to have shot the photo which inspired her.  WOW!  She is an inspiration to me!

She Sees Hearts

I was so excited yesterday--I had the fabulous privilege (and I mean that) of walking with Sissy through the ruins of the abandoned church, through the overgrown grounds surrounding, watching lichen and blossomings.  Stepping over ruin to find unexpected places of beauty.

What a surprise to have caught the silhouette of my precious Sissy--and it seems it is no astonishment there is a heart there on the left . . . because she sees hearts.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plucky Little Singer

Early morning I caught this tiny singer atop a craggy stump.  I found him by answering his calls and listening.  I thought his perch was magestic.  What a gorgeous place to sing an early morning ditty!

Here's a closeup of this plucky little fellow as he sang his song.  He twirtled his tune with all his might!  I think he may be a Chickadee.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mountain Retreat

I was up early to watch the sun shyly blink over the mountain.  The silence was filled with bird song and the crashing waters of Silver Creek Falls plummeting over the rim of the canyon.

I could not resist the beauty of the woods and went for an early morning walk.  I discovered this cascade of leaves and Trilliums near a tiny babbling brook.  I stopped and filled my eyes for awhile.
I found a sparkle of dew resting amid some graciously folded miner's lettuce. 
The cheery smile of a dancing Trillium greeted me as I passed along the mossy path.
Above you see the lush greens of the mosses which drape everything in the forest.  I think it looks like a giant ameba--and it's smiling!
 A cluster of georgeous wild flowers caught my eye with their vivid pinks and greens.
It was amazing how quiet it was after everyone left.  My husband was a little late, so I read a book in a cozy little gazebo beneath the tall fir trees.  But I wasn't alone.  Here you see my sweet Guardian.  She was the most gentle of souls and everywhere I went, she was sure to be found close by.

What a wonderful weekend we had!  Some of you have asked what kind of a retreat it was, along with my subject--I had the privilege of speaking to a lovely group of woman about my life's Journey to Joy.  I felt  miracles happening all around us.  It was hard to leave my dear friends . . . it is gives me such JOY to know there are others who are now beginning their own Journey to Joy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Riding the Back of a Dragon

I once found an oaken bridge over a bubbling brook, which led me to a magical place. There was a meadow starred with white flowers in a carpet of soft green moss. There was music weaving a tune through the trees.

Then I stepped down hewn stone stairs to a small lagoon, where I stood upon a beach of blue stones. 

The guardian of this wonderful place was a fierce dragon.  I approached him softly, laid my hand on his fearsome cheek and sang a song of Springtime.

Then he gave me a ride on his warm brown back--and we swooped with the eagles, along the shores of blue stone, as the skies reflected the mountains in the still cold waters.

For more Weekend Reflections, click the icon in my sidebar!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bug Bus?!

I was out in the country for a drive, watching for the unexpected, when I noticed this interesting vehicle.  I slammed on my brakes, backed down the hill and took it's picture.  I wondered about the stories this funny bus could tell--I thought about the wacky folks who put it together. 

I felt badly that such a whimsical Bug Bus wasn't back on the road--or on display somewhere!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shadow of Blossom

Our crab apple tree is dripping wi;th blossoms this year.  It is just covered!  I caught this early morning beauty of shadow, just before the sun disappeared behind a bank of rain clouds!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Beauty on High

On one of our first forest tromps--Clytie and I visited our old haunts, Deer Valley, Bambi's meadow, the mud flats, and huckleberry bridge.

How wonderful to think as children we played there, not knowing years later we would return. I could hear echoes of laughter from long ago.

I am in awe of my sister Clytie's gift in photography. She has a way of seeing which astounds me. This ancient tree is one which captured both our imaginations.

I was fascinated by her photos of the same trees, flora and fauna--how similar, yet diverse, our perception and photos were! We took pictures of the same things, yet each of us ended up with very different viewpoints. I am PROUD of my sister. She has come through difficult life storms, yet she has an astounding capacity to see beauty.

This incredible tree is hollow inside--still, within there is a core of strength flourishing up through the twisted trunk to sample the clouds above. We, too, like this wonderful old tree, can find strength to grow up through the past, to rise into something amazing, to seek strength and beauty from on high, even as age grows inevitable moss over youthful vigor.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Starling on Red - Shadow Shot Sunday

I was on my way back to our vehicle, when I spotted this fat little starling.  He was comfortably napping--stilt-legged, head tucked beneath wing--upon the hood of a very shiny red car.  I quickly snatched up my camera and began to snap his picture, whereapon he turned to look at me, yet stilted, with a baleful eye.

I talked to him in his "language" and we had quite a conversation going.  He wasn't shy at all.  This is the best of the pictures I shot that afternoon.  As much as I don't like starlings, this one was cute.

This is my first submission to Shadow Shot Sunday!  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Line - Weekend Reflections

Tuesday my niece and I were walking to the park. As we strolled through our marvelous historical town, I was intrigued by a telephone booth I'd never noticed before. With today's cell phones, I was actually a little surprised to see one. Most likely it has stood there for years--but what caught my attention was that BRIGHT yellow phone! I loved it and thought it perfect for this Weekend Reflection!

You can find more wonderful photos at Weekend Reflections.  Hope to see you there!

DADDY UPDATE:  Dad's appointment with the neck brace folks was disappointing.  The brace they had there did not fit.  There's another they want to try. If that doesn't work then the VA will make another appointment to fit a custom brace. After that, the only option is a risky surgery.  Without surgery the muscles in his neck will continue to weaken which, with the broken bones in his neck, will give no support.  Eventually without the brace, his head would flop to one side.  This is a very scary time for my family.  We would appreciate your prayers for Dad and for our family.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Been a Long, Hard Winter

Yes, as you might imagine, there's a story behind this interesting photo!

Every few weeks I get to brown bag it for lunch with my youngest sister, who works at a local mortuary. We often eat with the maintenance guys, who are just plain fun. There's a reason for their wonderful humor--I think these great fellas must have a certain brave, cheerful constitution to do the job they do! The grounds sparkle with their hard work.

The last time I visited, I noticed their gloves drying beside the woodstove. I was struck by the various attitudes exhibited by each one. The sight filled my eyes and made me laugh.

I asked the fellas what they'd call these pictures--smiling they said, "A long hard winter." They're going to be receiving a signed, matted, framed copy of each for their wall.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Osprey Adventures!

Yesterday afternoon, my darling three-year old niece and I went to the park to play. We were throwing rocks into the river when I heard a sharp, piercing call directly overhead. Just above sat an Osprey. I grabbed my camera and clicked his picture.
He looked straight at me, and uttered another piercing cry.

Then feathers bristling, he turned back to watching the river. I'd noted the huge Osprey nest had at least three babies. This grand bird was fishing for his family's lunch.
I had an odd sense he wanted me to know he was there. And just like me, he was watching over his little ones--providing for them.

He sat watching us and the waters the entire time we played on the bank. As my niece and I left, I called to him in his "language." He looked down with a fierce, kindly gaze.

As we continued walking, I turned to take another photo of him.
It seemed he said goodbye. As strange as it seems, I felt a certain rare kinship with this majestic bird.
The Osprey is a large raptor with a white breast and belly. They sport a dark eye stripe with a white crown and forehead. They have a black back and very long wings.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Opal Skies

It is to be another rainy day. But when I stepped outside this morning, a fragile beauty transformed the skies with shifting colors, which reminded me of the illusive glow of an opal.

These Opal Skies quite took my breath away.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Duck! - Weekend Reflections

My sweet Sis Clytie and I were walking the grounds of the abandoned mega church. We were heading back toward home, when we spied this duck peacefully floating in a mud puddle in the old parking lot.

She didn't seem to be the least bit afraid, serenely watching us as we clicked pictures of her through the grasses.
As of one mind, Clytie and I slowly moved closer. The duck still didn't seem afraid, but stood up in the puddle so her brightly orange feet could be seen. She stood very still--the waters reflected her perfectly. I was especially intrigued by the bright blue in her feathers.

Then she flew away. What a perfect end to our day's adventure! I can hardly wait to see Sissy's pictures! We often take photos of the same things, but from different perspectives!  You can find more wonderful reflective photos at Weekend Reflections.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I found these lovelies flooding the parking lot with their pink opulence! They filled my eyes with such lush color I took their picture.

Indeed--Spring is here to stay!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Incredible Wall Art

Tuesday, Sissy and I went for another walk through the abandoned mega-church. Of course some of the graffiti is pretty crude. But every now and then one can find a piece of art such as what you see here.

I'm just so amazed by the style of this particular individual. There are other drawings by this Artist, but vandals have kicked holes in them, as well as adding their own crude artistic attempts to destroy and mock the efforts of the Artist.

I'm so glad I have been taking pictures of these pieces over the years. The Artist's work was captured on camera before it was destroyed by the little punks who seem to believe the building is theirs.

But it isn't theirs. There are the shadow people. They are always watching.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative Nesting

This spring, Starlings have been the bane of my existence with their constant destructive assault on our home. We thought we'd thwarted them from nesting in the eaves above my office and the upper story of our old house. But my husband kept hearing noises in the wall of the upstairs bathroom.

This morning I waited outside, while he pounded on the inside wall. To my surprise a startled starling burst from the bathroom fan vent.

When we'd put the fan in, my brilliant husband had installed a panel so the vent would be accessible. When we removed the panel and pulled the vent hose out--to our surprise, we found the entire thing was stuffed with nesting materials. As you can see the eggs were lying at the top.
The small eggs are a fragile blue color and are rather beautiful. They look like they might have been newly laid.

They are so lovely I am going to preserve them--I like how they look in this tiny delicate tea cup.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Daisies

These are pictures from last Spring--I was thinking about what to post this morning and when I saw these daisies I knew they would be my Easter Greeting to you.

There is something so cheerful and hopeful about a daisy. They seem to smile, don't they?

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reflecting Pink - Weekend Reflections

When we were up in the mountains a few days ago, we were surprised with an unexpected snowstorm. As the snow melted, I was able to capture a tiny spot of beauty reflected in a sparkling raindrop.  You can find more wonderful refections at Weekend Reflections.

Sissy's Mushroom

I would have walked right past this amazing mushroom. It's funny, I'm nearly always looking up watching the skies and Clytie sees incredible detail where she walks. We make a great team.

I never would have saw this velvety wonder of a mushroom, if Sissy hadn't noticed it first.

OH! By the way, if you enlarge the picture you'll see a spider hiding in the shadows...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lady Bug Snuggle

Yesterday, I was out stacking firewood. The temperature was starting to dip near freezing when I found this colorful little ladybug snuggling into the folds of the bark of the cedar tree!

Just a few days before, we'd run out of firewood--left with only a bunch of spindly stuff that burns way too hot. I wasn't looking forward to our next heating bill . . .

Sissy called wondering if I would be home in the next hour or so. She said she'd be calling about a project they'd been working on. She wouldn't tell me what it was. I was sitting at my desk when the phone rang.

It was my sweet Sissy. As we were talking, a red car pulled into the alley.

Said I, "Someone just pulled into the alley." I groaned. "I wonder if its the census people wanting answers for that American Community Survey . . ."

Clytie remarked, "Look out your window."

I did. And Clytie jumped out of the car! I screamed, she screamed I went running out through the kitchen door into the muddy alley in my bare feet. Dad and Mom popped out! I was hugging them all. I've missed them so much.

And then Clytie opened the back of the vehicle--somehow my brother had stuffed at least a half a cord of wood inside . . .

Last night, sitting in front of a lovely warm fire as the dew froze on the grass and windshields--I thanked God for my family. For the wood and that blessedly hot fire.

As you can see above--our little fire faery was happy too!!!