Thursday, April 8, 2010

Incredible Wall Art

Tuesday, Sissy and I went for another walk through the abandoned mega-church. Of course some of the graffiti is pretty crude. But every now and then one can find a piece of art such as what you see here.

I'm just so amazed by the style of this particular individual. There are other drawings by this Artist, but vandals have kicked holes in them, as well as adding their own crude artistic attempts to destroy and mock the efforts of the Artist.

I'm so glad I have been taking pictures of these pieces over the years. The Artist's work was captured on camera before it was destroyed by the little punks who seem to believe the building is theirs.

But it isn't theirs. There are the shadow people. They are always watching.


Grannie Annie said...

Some of the graffiti I have seen is fantastic. I would love to have them come and paint on my house. I can't believe they can do something so beautiful in just a few minutes with a spray can amazing.
P.S. I love you new picture!

Regina said...

Fascinating. Great shot!

Clytie said...

I really don't mind seeing this sort of art in abandoned places. Actually I would love to see this in an art gallery!

If only the shadow people could talk ... Or DO they???

Lois said...

That is pretty! I'm glad you got pictures of it.

Cheryl said...

Amazing and done so quickly with a paint can. I am always taken with graffiti, always have to look at it and try to figure it out.