Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lady Bug Snuggle

Yesterday, I was out stacking firewood. The temperature was starting to dip near freezing when I found this colorful little ladybug snuggling into the folds of the bark of the cedar tree!

Just a few days before, we'd run out of firewood--left with only a bunch of spindly stuff that burns way too hot. I wasn't looking forward to our next heating bill . . .

Sissy called wondering if I would be home in the next hour or so. She said she'd be calling about a project they'd been working on. She wouldn't tell me what it was. I was sitting at my desk when the phone rang.

It was my sweet Sissy. As we were talking, a red car pulled into the alley.

Said I, "Someone just pulled into the alley." I groaned. "I wonder if its the census people wanting answers for that American Community Survey . . ."

Clytie remarked, "Look out your window."

I did. And Clytie jumped out of the car! I screamed, she screamed I went running out through the kitchen door into the muddy alley in my bare feet. Dad and Mom popped out! I was hugging them all. I've missed them so much.

And then Clytie opened the back of the vehicle--somehow my brother had stuffed at least a half a cord of wood inside . . .

Last night, sitting in front of a lovely warm fire as the dew froze on the grass and windshields--I thanked God for my family. For the wood and that blessedly hot fire.

As you can see above--our little fire faery was happy too!!!


Cedar ... said...

What a wonderful post,... my heart feels warm from reading it!

Lois said...

What a beautiful post and you do have a wonderful family!

Wendy said...

A very happy post! You are truly blessed. I am so glad your mom and dad popped out of the car, and into your home. Love ladybugs. And fires when it's cold.
Hope you get some warm spring days soon!

Clytie said...

It was our honor to be able to help you out, sissie. And surprising you was the icing on the cake!!! What a wonderful time we had. Mom and dad enjoyed the drive; the cloud formations were amazing. Thank YOU for letting us have this blessing.

Catherine said...

How wonderful - your family kept you warm inside and out!