Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Osprey Adventures!

Yesterday afternoon, my darling three-year old niece and I went to the park to play. We were throwing rocks into the river when I heard a sharp, piercing call directly overhead. Just above sat an Osprey. I grabbed my camera and clicked his picture.
He looked straight at me, and uttered another piercing cry.

Then feathers bristling, he turned back to watching the river. I'd noted the huge Osprey nest had at least three babies. This grand bird was fishing for his family's lunch.
I had an odd sense he wanted me to know he was there. And just like me, he was watching over his little ones--providing for them.

He sat watching us and the waters the entire time we played on the bank. As my niece and I left, I called to him in his "language." He looked down with a fierce, kindly gaze.

As we continued walking, I turned to take another photo of him.
It seemed he said goodbye. As strange as it seems, I felt a certain rare kinship with this majestic bird.
The Osprey is a large raptor with a white breast and belly. They sport a dark eye stripe with a white crown and forehead. They have a black back and very long wings.


Anonymous said...

Beth, that is really cool - to see and hear such a majestic bird - and alltogether feel that certain "bond" between living beeings... thanks for sharing !kind regards, Martina

Clytie said...

Ah sissie, he (she?) is absolutely gorgeous. I remember seeing the osprey nest one year when I was visiting, and wishing I had a camera ... You do have a kinship with birds, with a talent for mimicking their calls that fools even the most wizened winged ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. This is a beautiful picture of this large bird. Did your knees wobble back and forth when you saw him setting there waiting on your to take his picture? Mine wobble for deer when I used to get so close I could see their individual eyelashes or when they didn't see me and walked so close as they past that I could reach out and touch them.

This is all true.

My knees used to wobble when I got an unexpected kiss from Patty. Now, I would probably suffer a heart attack.


Lois said...

What a magnificent bird! Your pictures are wonderful.

Cloudhands said...

What joy and delight to connect to such an amazing creature. Thank you for letting us see what you were able to experience first hand.

James said...

What a great looking bird! I'm glad that you had a camera.