Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mountain Retreat

I was up early to watch the sun shyly blink over the mountain.  The silence was filled with bird song and the crashing waters of Silver Creek Falls plummeting over the rim of the canyon.

I could not resist the beauty of the woods and went for an early morning walk.  I discovered this cascade of leaves and Trilliums near a tiny babbling brook.  I stopped and filled my eyes for awhile.
I found a sparkle of dew resting amid some graciously folded miner's lettuce. 
The cheery smile of a dancing Trillium greeted me as I passed along the mossy path.
Above you see the lush greens of the mosses which drape everything in the forest.  I think it looks like a giant ameba--and it's smiling!
 A cluster of georgeous wild flowers caught my eye with their vivid pinks and greens.
It was amazing how quiet it was after everyone left.  My husband was a little late, so I read a book in a cozy little gazebo beneath the tall fir trees.  But I wasn't alone.  Here you see my sweet Guardian.  She was the most gentle of souls and everywhere I went, she was sure to be found close by.

What a wonderful weekend we had!  Some of you have asked what kind of a retreat it was, along with my subject--I had the privilege of speaking to a lovely group of woman about my life's Journey to Joy.  I felt  miracles happening all around us.  It was hard to leave my dear friends . . . it is gives me such JOY to know there are others who are now beginning their own Journey to Joy.


Lois said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

Prospero said...

I fully understand the joys of nature, Beth. And, I has a guardian angel too.

Cheryl said...

I so enjoyed "walking" with you. Beautiful photos indeed. I love the "Guardian" photo, so sweet!

Clytie said...

Absolutely beautiful, sissie. I'm so glad you came away from your weekend blessed, and knowing that you were a blessing to so many besides.

I can't wait to go for a long walk in the woods again!!!

Al said...

That looks like a very restful area, simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beth, seems I am always inspired by your nature photography. I already see dress combination made by "Trillium".... you did it again....