Friday, November 30, 2012

She's a Mountain Lion

Here is Toez the Polydactyl Cat in her Mountain Lion mood.  The insanity hits her every morning and every evening.  When she is in mountain lion mode, no one is safe.

She lurks upon the counter chair intent upon catching an arm or hand in passing.  She leaps over the firewood beside the wood stove, looking for spiders. She springs onto my shoulder to tickle the side of my face with her whiskers. She runs in front of our feet as we are walking.  Then she gallops through the upstairs rooms and down the stairs and back again.  She is large and heavy enough she sounds exactly like a miniature horse!

This picture made me laugh.  I hope it makes you grin, too.

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Glowing Heart -Guest Heart Thursday

Yesterday on our drive to the chapel to make arrangements for Dad's memorial, there were thunderstorms everywhere.  We noticed a little sunbeam following us all the way into town.  Even when it was raining, the sun shone.  I just happened to catch this glowing heart in the skies.  I'm sure it must have been Dad blowing my sisters and me, his granddaughter and sweet Mumsie a kiss.

I could not resist putting up this picture of my beautiful sister and niece.  Yes, there was this electronic chair lift which went from the bottom of the stairs to the top.  I was lying in wait at the top.  Isn't this just the sweetest, most lovely picture of them?  They are both QUITE photogenic.

I took this picture last Friday.  It was so bright and beautiful--it reminded me of heaven and of joy.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone.

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Monday, November 19, 2012


Daddy loved birds.  I like to think my ability to whistle came from Dad.  He had such an affinity for the feathered folk, when he would whistle, they'd come running.  There were times I thought they might be brave enough to land on his shoulders.

Daddy was the Birdman.  What a lovely memory.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It is Well With My Soul

Daddy is getting ready to slip into heaven any time.  When I was there a few days ago he was having a hard time breathing, before the nurse came in with his medications.  So I sang his favorite song to him, holding his hand.  As I sang It is Well With My Soul, Daddy squeezed my hand.

I want to share this song with you--the words are so beautiful.  It was written by Philip P. Bliss in the mid-1800's.  This man had just lost his entire family at sea.  Philip Bliss knew terrible, unrelenting grief.  Yet he penned these wonderful words:

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll
What ever my lot, thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, 
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought
My sin, not in part, but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more'
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Oh, my soul.

And Lord, hast the day, when my faith shall be sight
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll: 
The trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend,
Even so, it is well with my soul.

It is well...with my soul
It is well...with my soul
It is well!  It is well!
With my soul.

God bless you all.  Please be praying for my family at this time.

UPDATE:  Daddy flew away to heaven this evening.  He took a piece of my heart with me.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Heart, His Rainbow -Guest Heart Thursday

Yesterday the skies were filled with spectacular piles of scattered thunderheads.  I was on my way to Gleaners, when a rainbow stretched its length across the skies.  I gasped when I saw the heart.   I turned off the road to take this amazing photo.

Rainbows always appear when something momentous is about to happen.  I was reminded again of the rainbows I saw in the clouds when flying in an airplane.  They're round--a circle which doesn't end.  Their message is God's Love Never Changes.  His promises are sure and true.

Today my husband is seeing the surgeon who will be removing his cancer in the days ahead.   Today, our family weeps as Daddy becomes weaker and weaker.  He will soon leave this world.

Yet somehow in the midst of these frightening, heartbreaking moments. God is there, filling our hearts with hope.

My heart, His rainbow.

(This heart is yours, too, Sissy)  I love you.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just a Little Jealous -Guest Heart Thursday

I was sitting on the couch at my parents' home.  Sissy Clytie was off to the left.  Ribet was peacefully sitting in my lap dozing away, when Mika the Dragon Cat insinuated herself between Ribet and me.  But her motive wasn't to be close to me.  Mika is Sissy's cat and SHE was trying to make Sissy jealous.  What a riot.  After a few hours, all was well as she perched on Sissy's shoulder nuzzling her neck.  If you notice--Mika's nose is shaped like a heart.

Daddy Update:  Dad is in the VA Hospital.  He still can't speak or swallow.  He consented to a feeding tube a few days ago, but pulled it out in the night.  I don't know if they've been able to put it back.  Mom has been with him most of each day.  They sit and hold hands--he kisses her fingers and by this he tells her how much he loves her.  I don't know how much longer Daddy will be here--he's a grand old soldier and he is a fighter.  I would especially appreciate your prayers not only for Dad, but especially for Mom.  Also please pray for my darling Sissy--since I can't be there as much as I would normally--because of my husband's condition--she will be doing a LOT to help our parents.  Thank you so much.

Hubby Update:  My Beloved has cancer.  It is worse than we first thought.  He will be having surgery in early December.  His cancer is pervasive, so they'll need to remove the entire prostate.  They won't know, until surgery, if it has spread to other areas.  We are deeply thankful his surgeon's reputation is the best in the Pacific NW, USA, in robotics surgery. Please pray for my husband's peace of mind and that I will have strength to do what must be done to help him.  I am so grateful to you dear friends for your loving thoughts and prayers.

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