Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bug Bus?!

I was out in the country for a drive, watching for the unexpected, when I noticed this interesting vehicle.  I slammed on my brakes, backed down the hill and took it's picture.  I wondered about the stories this funny bus could tell--I thought about the wacky folks who put it together. 

I felt badly that such a whimsical Bug Bus wasn't back on the road--or on display somewhere!!


Clytie said...

I would so totally drive that! What an interesting contraption!!! Thank you for going back for it's portrait!

Lois said...

What a great find!

Woman in a Window said...

I bet those people are bursting with stories! Don't think it could be any other way.


Al said...

That's great. It looks like something I'd expect to see at a Grateful Dead show, although with brighter colors.

Sunny said...

Wow! you discovered a Bugolet! Ha-ha!
Someone had a welding torch and too much time on their hands! Oh, and a great imagination!
Sunny :)