Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple Cauliflower?!

Unexpected and a surprise indeed when my friend Laura presented me with this extraordinary purple cauliflower. I did not know such things existed. Purple should be relegated to dessert, don't you think? However, I cooked it up--and OH! How marvelously delish!

I even found a purple cauliflower heart for my Sissy--Clytie, the Queen of hearts!

Daddy Update: My precious Dad lost his balance and fell, scraping away some of the delicate newly formed skin on the top of his head. Please pray this area continues to heal and that no infection will take hold. Dad is also experiencing some disorientation. He did not recognize Mums a few mornings ago. He was apparently having another flashback to WW2. Please pray that Dad will gain strength and that these flashbacks will stop. Thank you so much.


Cloudhands said...

How curious. I've seen green cauliflower but not the pretty purple. Nifty!
I'm so sorry about your Dad. Poor man and bless your Mom as she goes through this with him. Of course prayers are in order and I've already begun.

Grannie Annie said...

I don't know kiddo that looks like the cauliflower that ate Cincinnati to me...very suspect even if it does have a heart. If you don't suffer any ill effects maybe I'll try some. ha ha

I'm so sorry about your Dad, my prayers are on going for you all.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting that you posted about purple cauliflower. At dinner tonight we were talking about purple brussel sprouts and purple potatoes.

Purple or lavender is one of my favourite colours. It definitely seems we can find just about anything these days to accomadate our tastes.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Sending him Light as I type.

Wendy said...

Cool! Will check our farmer's market for purple cauliflower. I've seen green (like cloudhands) and orange, but don't think I've seen purple.

Poor Dad - he has been having his troubles. Will send him healing white light.

Nina P. said...

Ummm... eating purple.... kind of like the purple catsup... hmmm I'm not sure ... Oh what the hey... I'm going to go see if I can't find some for dinner tonight!!

Oh dear soul. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. May Healing rays of Light surround him and your family. May the soothing souls of angel wings guide his mind back whole. May you and your family find strength, Hope and courage during these difficult times. Love and Light, Nina P

Clytie said...

Love the purple cauliflower heart! Mmmmmmmmm, now I'm hungry too!