Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Tree and Sky Dance

In early Spring a massive thunderstorm blew across the landscape snatching tender new blossoms from the fruit trees. The clouds were spectacular.
Here you see the storm's tattered cloud, about to grasp our flirtatious walnut tree by the hand, to fling her into a leaf-breaking, breathtaking whirl.


Clytie said...

Fantastic action picture - I can almost see the clouds moving and shredding - and dancing.

Anonymous said...

Looks very similar to my view out of the window now. Storms are a brewing for the entire week in NW WA State.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the same clouds we had yesterday. Now it is just cold.

Prospero said...

A flirtatious walnut tree. Of course!

Beth, Angelina will return to my pages soon - she's never more than 10 paces away (usually 2) and often gets in from of the camera. Go figure.

magiceye said...

love your imagination!