Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fairytale Condo

On one of our long walks through the forests of our childhood, Clytie and I found this amazing conch growing on the side of a huge stump. I love these kind of conches. If removed from the stump, they will dry exactly as you see here and last for years.

This one made me think of a fairy condo--I think it must be--it is exactly how I imagine a fairy house to look. Which is why (ahem) I did not remove it from its growing place to take it home!

Merry Christmas! There is so much for which to be thankful.


Grannie Annie said...

Interesting...dang you have the coolest stuff hangin around up there in the botanical garden. This looks like the cliff dwellings in Southern Utah or a great place for fairies to hang out. Cool

Shop faster, bake faster, wrap faster it's almost here. LOL

Anonymous said...

It does look like some of the new condos.

Cedar ... said...

and I wonder if they have a tiny christmas tree tucked way in the back of their condo? Love the thought!

Clytie said...

We must go check it out at night - I wonder if they have electricity or use tiny little beeswax candles?