Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flirty Hawk

I was taking some pictures over at the Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge near where I live. I noticed a little hawk sitting on the wire above. When I stopped my car and hopped out for a better view, he looked suspicious and chirruped down at me. I'm pretty good at imitating bird calls, so I whistled back.
At first he seemed terribly confused--I think it might have been because, though I sounded like a bird, I sported no discernable feathers.
But thinking it over, he began to preen... .

...Then to my great delight, he coyly turned to smile around his beak,

...and flipped his feathers into a gorgeous fan, which he then commenced to wave.

What a darling little hawk! I quite fell in love with him.


Clytie said...

Poser! And you are right ... flirty!

Sharon said...

How sweet! and little indeed. maybe a youngster?

LadyCat said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! The way you capture the images is interesting and each photo tells a story!