Monday, May 16, 2011

Basket Weave Glass

Last week, Sissy and I went on a wonderfully long walk.  We wandered through The Abandoned, then traipsed into the surrounding woodlands.  Nearby there is an old dump from the now defunct Dammasch State Hospital.  The refuse was burned then discarded there.  One can find old spoons, tiny glass bottles, melted glass and a myriad of interesting treasures.  The picture above is a bit of old broken glass--glorified by a stray ray of sunshine.

Clytie and I both found the super Macro settings on our cameras that afternoon--it was as though we both were using brand new cameras!  which made it so hard to start walking back home


Clytie said...

Ooooh, it looks like snake skin!!! What a gorgeous way to make trash into art!

Linda Makiej said...

very neat shot!!