Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Last week, on one of our walks through The Abandoned, Clytie noticed a deer standing so still -- The beautiful animal could hear us clicking our cameras and talking, but in the darkness of the building she couldn't see us.  But we could see her.

Here is a closeup of this lovely wild creature.

She was joined by her boyfriend--clearly, he was interested in the sounds he was hearing from that dark doorway!  I was fascinated by his velvet covered horns.

All in all a wonderful day at The Abandoned!


Looking to the Stars said...

Wow, these pics are beautiful! As always you capture pure beauty :)

I have a prayer request, we found out yesterday my father in law has cancer, they operate july 5th and say they can get it all. My husband is doing ok but I can see he's worried. He is an only child and is super close to his parents. please remember us in the next few weeks. thank you dear friend

Prospero said...

Oh, dear! Beth -

You are always on the lookout for frail creatures. Speaking of which, have you drawn up the adoption papers yet? But i must warn you, i am not the adoptable type. And yet, notwithstanding such effete assurances, exceptions are bound to occur from time to time. You and your sister have warmed my heart, and i already feel as though i am a part of your loving family.

LauraX said...

I so love when these gentle visitors pass through our woods too...beautiful photos!