Monday, February 20, 2012

Going on a Heart Hunt - Guest Heart Thursday

It all started with breakfast.  Said I, to my darling four-year old niece, "Look!  It's a heart!"  She got the step stool so she could see.  Together we marveled over the lovely heart shape before plopping the sizzling eggs onto our plates.

Later, snuggled up into my side, my tiny girl announced, "We need to go on a heart hunt for Auntie Honey."

And so we did.

The first heart we found, was a golden stone set into the ancient sidewalk.  "Auntie Honey will really like this one," said she.

Our next heart had fallen from the tree, where it lay a'waiting.  Dropping to her knees, she marveled over it's beautiful color as it lay in the rain speckled grass.  "Take a picture of this one," she commanded.  "This one is the best yet."

We walked a bit further and discovered some wild chives and sour grass growing lush and green.  Plucking a few leaves and popping them into her mouth, she exclaimed, "Oh, this is delicious!"  Gathering a few handfuls of each, we stuffed our pockets full.  Munching a well-earned snack, we were once again off on our hunt for hearts.

She stopped suddenly.  "Well," said my tiny niece. "This isn't a heart--but it IS a Kitty face!"  She was right--and since Auntie Honey loves cats, we thought it quite perfect to add it to our collection.

Our very last heart was in the center of a beautiful pink flower.  

"This," she announced.  "Is especially for Auntie Honey, from her Honey Heart."

Then we walked home and ate fragrant bowls of hot tomato soup with stretchy yellow cheese.  

For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday!

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