Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unexpectedly Skunked -Guest Heart Thursday

So over the past few days we've have had this awful aroma coming from under the north end of the house.  My husband thought it was likely a possum which had taken up residence--and we did find a place where an animal had been coming and going.

So, Monday night, my darling put out a live trap.

I was enjoying tea and fabulous treats with my friend TJ, when I received a phone call from my husband.

Says he, "What the aych, eey, double toothpick am I gonna do?!"

Shocked I replied, "WHAT?!"

Said he a bit sheepishly, "Honey, I've done caught a skunk."

I laughed and laughed...then I wondered what we were going to do.  Even with suggested remedies, skunk aroma does NOT wear off for quite some time. 

A sweet little fellow he was--with an uncommonly good taste in music.  Since he was out there--looking so very lonely and miserable, I decided to make friends. He let me come within three feet or so--I was singing and talking to him when I took this picture.  He seemed quite charmed by my voice.

Eventually we had to hire someone to come and take him away. My goodness--the aroma is STILL clinging to the vegetation outside.  The pest control folks took a video of him running happily into skunk paradise in the nearby Baskett Slough wildlife reserve.  When they send it to us via email, I'll be sure to post it here.

I don't know if you can make it out--but his nose is shaped like a little heart.  (grin)

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Clytie said...

I sympathize with you! And though I can't see the heart shaped little nose (I'm leery of getting close to even the PICTURE of this little guy!) I do see a rather abstract heart made by the white of his back!

I'm so glad he's happy in his new home.