Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey Santa, You Down There? -Guest Heart Thursday

A friend of mine saw my photo and gave me this humorous caption.  It made me laugh and I dearly needed to laugh.  Also, you will notice the top of the ladder is in the shape of a heart!  

You may wonder about this picture--today we had a chimney fire.  It was terribly frightening.  The fire was a stubborn one which took a long time to put out.  I first noticed there was a problem when the smoke alarm in the living room started going off.  Then I noticed smoke pouring from the back of the fireplace insert.  I immediately filled a pail of water and dumped the whole thing onto the burning fire to quench it--then closed the fireplace down.

They tell me I did the right thing, because it is likely the plume of steam slowed the fire.  The firemen said we called just in time.  It was starting to get into the house itself.  Ha!  There's a hole in the wall in our upstairs bedroom.

At first the smoke was pitch black.  Here the smoke is white, as they are pouring water down into the chimney.

What an adventure.  I'm so grateful to God for sparing our lives, our kitty and our home.  The firemen and the emergency folks who just left said someone was watching out for us.  And He was.  It could have been SO much worse.

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Clytie said...

Wow, sissie. Just, well, wow.

Laura said...

I am so grateful you and your family, kitty too, are safe dear Beth.

Al said...

Wow, that is scary. I'm glad everybody is fine, and hopefully your insurance company will take care of you.