Monday, March 21, 2016

My Beloved

Here is a picture of my beloved husband, Alan, who flew away to heaven in October, 2014.  This Spring we will be performing Alan's drama When I am Free, for the first time.

When I am Free is a drama my husband dreamed of producing for over 20 years. He had built the sets, bought the equipment, made the props and wrote the music.  But before he could bring the play to the stage, he left this world for the next one.

This year, in honor of his memory, Dramatic Difference Ministries, Inc., and Scarlet Chord Theater (comprised of the young people he mentored), have come together to fulfill Alan's dream.  We are all so excited. As Alan wanted, we will be filming the performance!

Alan was a bigger than life guy, who filled the lives of all he knew.   I miss him with all my heart.

I adore the way he looks in this picture.  The above photo is of Alan and his good friend George.  It's from a photoshoot for Alan's play, So, You're Paul. As you can see, he was a VERY theatrical fellow.

Thank you for dropping by.  God is good.

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Melinda said...

bittersweet memories I am sure Beth.......I think about you often and will keep you in my prayers