Friday, October 25, 2013

Dearest Daddy

That handsome fellow, second from the left, is my Daddy.  How I wish I could have known him then.  One thing I do know of Dad is he was kind--always very kind to those he loved.  I don't know if this was taken before he went to war...or just afterward.

Dad was only 18 years old when he was drafted into the army. I wish I could have known that young man.  Fighting in the war, his capture and experiences in the concentration camp surely changed him from the boy he was before he left home.  He did not speak much about his horrendous experiences in a Nazi concentration camp, until late in life. 

Dad was captured in the Battle of the Bulge.  He was a prisoner of war at Stalag IX-B in Bad Orb, Germany.  His stories of the death march, being cruelly interrogated, packed with fellow prisoners into a train car like sardines and stacking the dead--being tortured, digging mass graves and starvation were hair-raising.  When he came out of the Nazi prison camp nine months after his capture,  Dad only weighed 95 pounds.

I must add here that though he suffered horrifically at the hands of the Nazis, he spoke warmly of the kindness of the German people themselves.

I always thought this was such a cute picture.  Mumsie working away on her first book years ago.  Isn't she cute?  Her latest book will be coming out this summer in the Quilts of Love Series.  It is called A Stitch and a Prayer.  Dad loved having an author as a wife.  He was, as she says, "the wind beneath her wings." 

Daddy delighted in his grandchildren--here are the twins.  Oh,how  he loved his grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Every one of them were precious to his heart and put a twinkle in his eye.

I have always loved this photo--I managed to snap it as his tiny granddaughter and he walked along the pathway.  As you can see, she holds a treasure trove of fircones.  lol

Dad took us camping every year.  Ah, what times we had.  This is a picture of the silly side of Daddy!

Dad and Mom loved one another and shared life together for more than 54 years.  Then a year ago, today...a deadly stroke put him into the hospital.  Mom spent every waking moment with him at the Veteran's Hospital in Portland.

One moment he was there...

A month later he flew away to heaven.

He was a wonderful Dad.  A good man.  A devoted husband and Father and a grand old soldier.  I'm so blessed to be his daughter and I miss him dreadfully.

Today is a difficult day.  I am going to Mumsie's house to help her with some things--so would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers.

May our mighty Creator bless you, dear ones.

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