Friday, August 11, 2017

The Great Eclipse is Almost Here

In ten days we will see the Great American Eclipse.  I am one of those lucky enough to live along the area where a total eclipse will be seen.  It won't happen again in my lifetime, they say!

Our town and surrounding cities are expecting a possible influx of up to 500,000 people from all over the world, starting the weekend before the event!  I can't even imagine that many people crowding into our simple country setting.  There will be fireworks, live music and other events along our waterfront.  I must say...I'm looking forward to all the fuss.

Have a great weekend! 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Black Berries

I have six thornless blackberry plants.  They were crafted by a master gardener and are the best I've ever seen.  This is what they look like just before the petals fall and the fruit is about to make an appearance.

With our record heat these berries are fat and juicy--about to fall off the vine.  They are the best blackberries I've ever eaten!

I noticed it has been almost a year exactly since I posted something here.  I broke my camera and the newer one is disappointing, so I have not taken as many pictures.  Also, this year has been one of transition.  I am no longer numb over the loss of my Beloved.  My mind is feeling the full grief of losing half my heart.  I have had to put my energy into what matters most.  But now I am back.

The haze of grief seems to be lifting a little.  Soon I will, camera in hand, go out to take pictures again.  Happy Summer, dear Friends.