Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Great Ocean Adventure

The storms were offshore the first night. I caught this lovely view of bare branch, sky and ocean just before the sun went down.
The clouds looked like soft pillows laying on the air. I thought I'd like to take a nap there. Later that night the winds kicked up with gusts around 70 miles per hour.

The second day was beautiful! If you look closely at these clouds--you'll see a lovely maiden's face as she slumbers upon the blue.

I was astonished to catch this bear in the clouds. Can you see him? I am not sure I can make out what he's holding in his paws--what do you think he's holding?

The second night's sunset was spectacular! The storms predicted slipped southward, leaving behind a glorious trail of colorful skies.

Here you see the gorgeous haze of purple, pink and yellow as the sun hid behind the mists.

I thought the photo above looked like a little bit of heaven.

Abe, this picture is for YOU. I thought about your wonderful photography the moment I saw this seagull strutting along the rocks. Isn't he funny? You have such a gift. All the wonderful birds you capture on you camera reflect such personality. I like to think maybe I caught the genius of your photography in this photo.

This is the spouting horn found in Depoe Bay along the Oregon Coast. When the tide is high, waves compress themselves beneath the rocks, then blow up and out through a crevice. It is great fun to watch. This is only a small burst of water I was able to capture. There are only two such spouting horns in the world--one is in Mexico and the other in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Above is the sunset which greeted our eyes Friday evening. The colors are just spectacular.

There was a storm approaching. A few moments later we were drenched in heavy rain. The storm followed us over the coast range mountains as we drove home.

Arriving home, we were greeted by yet another an incredible sunset. Here you can see the porthole in my garden as it looks without leaves.
It is good to be home!


Clytie said...

It looks like you had an outstanding week at the beach! I am green with envy.

But ... welcome home.

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

What a heavenly place you been !!

Looking to the Stars said...

Beautiful pics! Was wondering where you have been. Looks like you had a beautiful time :)

I always am thankful when I return home (there's no place like home)

The bear is holding a small man, what do you see?

Good to have you back :)

Anonymous said...

Clouds are certainly fun and your ocean adventure was magnificient. Like clouds, when we get lighter and lighter, our form or experiences can change easily as the wind gently applies its self to our movements through the circulation of life.

Anonymous said...

The cloud photos are just brilliant and beautiful.

Lois said...

These are all wonderful pictures Beth! I especially like the seagull and I do see the cloud bear. It looks like he is giving something to someone--perhaps a present.

Woman in a Window said...

I'm going to the ocean soon and I look forward to being fed as I have been fed here just now. Especially that fog or haze...breath taking.


Wendy said...

Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, Beth! You have such talent. I also envy your trip to the beach and the opportunity to take such incredible photos.

I think that little bear is trying to keep hold of some faerie dust. It will not stay put, and he's afraid of losing it forever in the clouds.

Your last pic reminds me of my own back yard. Must get out there (when it warms up a bit) and take some more tree photos, hopefully with the sun turning them pink.

Welcome home too!

Aks said...

I love your photos :) thanks