Monday, November 15, 2010

Faery Greetings

Spring came early to the forests of our childhood.  Sissy and I found an amazing array of spring flowers this year.  Here is a photo of the old trees--Can you see the faery greeting in the delicate green of the forest floor?

I love to watch the seasons--walking with my darling Sissy in the woods where we played as children.  The magic is still there.


Grace said...

What a beautiful photo, and an even more beautiful blog :) I feel like this is a place where I could curl up under a mushroom cap, and rest awhile. Lovely!

Prospero said...

Yes, Beth ...the magic of the enchanted forest.

Clytie said...

The burst of the rainbow sun through the spring forest ... how beautiful! And to capture the trail of a fairy ... well, I always knew they were there in the woods!

Sunny said...

I love woodland scenes and this one is truly magical :)
☼ Sunny