Sunday, January 15, 2012

Her Golden Tears

Snow swirls.
Drifting down in dark of morning light.  
Covering the world with cold softness.

As the snow melts,
Her tears adorn the trees,
Flowing down old leaves.

Trembling on flowers, grass and berries.

Then a bit of precious sunshine, captured.

Her golden tears.


Wendy said...

My goodness what beautiful photos! I don't think I've seen golden tears. I like how you captured the snow before the melting.

Prospero said...

On mornings such as these, crystalline, aurulent, i can not imagine parting this vale of tears.

Susan Evans said...

What gorgeous pictures and words! I especially like the falling snow in the first picture.

Al said...

What a beautiful post, and wonderful photos. I love snow!