Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hearts of Comfort - Guest Heart Thursday

Yesterday before I drove to the doctor's office, I washed the dishes.  What did I see?  A near perfect heart floating in the bubbles.  What a sweet reminder of God's tender care.

As I stepped out the back door to get into my car to make my anxious 45 minute drive into town, I saw this heart wisping overhead.  I felt a hug from my Creator--the One who loves me.

The news I heard was frightening--swollen lymph nodes, lumps on each side and an ugly mole where it shouldn't be.  The specter of Breast Cancer haunted me all the way home.  I know it might be nothing at all, but I felt scared.  Tears blurred my vision as I drove home to deliver the uncertain news to my dear husband.

Later that afternoon, after talking with my darling Sissy, a good cry and a nap, I stepped outside with my camera.  There it was.  A sparkling heart, halted for a moment in the embrace of the trees.  Another hug from Him who loves me.  I can rest in His arms, take refuge in His tender love.

Next Monday early morning, I go for a diagnostic mammogram at the hospital.  It's the best cancer hospital in the entire Pacific Northwest, I'm told. This may be just a false alarm.  I pray that is what it is.  Sweet friends, I would appreciate your prayers for a good outcome. 


Al said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Clytie said...

You are so strong, sissie. You are in our thoughts and prayers today and forever.

I especially love your dish soap heart ... joy, comfort and love can be found in the most mundane of tasks ... if we just open our eyes to the possibilities!!!

angela said...

I do have a lot of nature hearts too! I am feeling like having a double in the north hemisphere!!