Sunday, July 8, 2012

My New Camera

I was devastated when my wonderful camera stopped working.  Thank the Lord, I was able to get it replaced through manufacturer's warranty.  The Canon I had wasn't available and the only one with comparable features was Sony's Cybershot. The above is my first attempt at a closeup.  These are strawberry blossoms!

I experimented with our lovely antique windows.

And the rose on the edge in my garden.

The fireworks on the river were amazing.

I've learned so much about my camera--but it is obvious I have a LOT more to learn!


Al said...

Very pretty photos. I hate it when things stop working, and it's all to common these days. On the other hand I can't complain about my camera, with all the abuse it's been through I'm surprised it still functions at all!

Lois said...

You have adjusted very well to your new camera Beth. These are lovely!