Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glowing Sky Heart -Guest Heart Thursday

I remember an old hillybilly woman I knew as a child.  She and her family lived in the hills near the church we attended.  Her daughter was my very best friend.  She taught me to read the clouds as to what weather was in store.  This wonderful lady is the person who early on, inspired me to love clouds.

This past week, with the storms about to come in from the Pacific Ocean there have been a lot of wonderful clouds--including the glowing heart you see above.

These clouds herald a change in weather and BOY, did the weather change!  From sunny and slightly cloudy, to grey and soggy.  I have missed the rain, though--so I'm not too sad.  The plants are drinking in the moisture and I can tell they are happy.

Hope you have a lovely day today!  Happy Guest Heart Thursday! 

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Laura said...

The sky is so expressive!