Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unusual Flower Heart -Guest Heart Thursday

Mumsie and I went for a walk in the park last week.  We came across this flower.  And, of course, you can see the beautiful orange heart--just perfect for Guest Heart Thursday!

At first we thought the flowers had faded and were sliding down the stem.  But it turns out, that tiny delicate tendril upon which the flower rests--IS the stem.

This flower has a spotted belly and a funny looking tail.  Neither Mumsie nor I had ever come across the flower before.  Anyone have any idea what it is?  We would LOVE to know.
UPDATE:  Oddly enough, I was looking through some old postcards last week and was astonished to find one featuring the flower Mumsie and I saw.  It is a Spotted Orange Touch-Me-Not, more commonly known as Spotted Jewel Weed.  

It is a flower usually found in the Eastern part of North America. Its color varies--a warm yellow, grading to a deeper shade of orange.  Though the spots on the one we found are more orangish, in most cases the spots are dark red, or purple in an irregular pattern.  It flowers from July to September!  There are some species of flowers which are welcome to migrate westward--in my opinion this is one of them.

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a great find and capture. Love the flower.