Monday, January 18, 2016

Wreathed in Mist

This is the cedar tree which stands right outside my living room window.  I had never seen the mists so defined before.  It was beautiful and magical.

Keep looking up, my Friends.  One never knows what one might see next.  Life is a mist--a fleeting moment.  Rather like this lovely wraith of cloud.

The moments we have here on earth are priceless treasures. Since my husband flew away to heaven--this has become even more apparent.  Ah, dear friends--take time to tenderly love your family and friends--to show how much you love those who are precious and dear to your hearts.  You will be glad you did. 

And it only takes a moment to smile into the face of a stranger.  Who knows what one warm smile, or what  one small gesture of kindness might inspire?  It can become like the ripples in a pond--an ever-widening influence for good.  It is something to think about. 

Have a lovely week!

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