Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mom tells a charming story from when she was a child.  She would put foxgoves upon each finger and pretend they were gloves.  She would stand at the edge of the canyon, as though it were a stage and curtsy to her unseen audience.

When Sissy and I were young, we, too wore foxgloves upon our hands.  I would imagine I wore polish upon my beauteous long fingernails and would flutter them with an elegant air.  We knew they were probably poison--so we didn't eat them.  A good thing, as these flowers are a potent source of digitalis!

We were in Washington State recently.  The front yard of the home where we stayed was filled with white and pink foxgloves.  I discovered something I never knew--deep inside the foxglove there is a bright red stamen.  I tried to take a picture of it, but wasn't able to catch it clearly enough.  Why I never noticed this as a child, is beyond me!  We were pretty observant of things such as that.


willow said...

Your foxgloves are stunning! I can see the little you with them on your fingers. Such a sweet memory!

Regina said...

How pretty!

Lois said...

They are gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Foxgloves add such a great vertical element to the flower beds, I like to leave them even after the blooms are gone.

Clytie said...

I can remember wearing the foxgloves as 'fingernails' as well, sissie! What fun that was! The only time I EVER had long beautiful fingernails!

Woman in a Window said...

Here again! You didn't notice because you were already seeing what your imagination told you to see. Isn't it mind blowing how we do this to ourselves? It makes me wonder on how many things we are missing out there, roped in by our expectations.

I like the generational theatre play of flowers. Nice to visualize.