Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shadowy World Reflections

Sissy and I went for a walk through old town Independence--in a quaint shop window, I thought I saw a crystal ball.  So I took it's picture--and mine, too!  Turns out the globe was actually the world.

I'm combining two events in one today--I don't like to do it that way--but I've been so busy with this yard sale I haven't had much time to do much!

Check out Harriet's blog for more wonderful shadowy photography at Shadow Shot Sunday.

James' has a wonderful blog where people from all over the world submit their Weekend Reflections.


Sunny said...

What an intriguing picture, so much to look at :)
☼ Sunny

willow said...

Uber cool self portrait!!

EG Wow said...

Fun photo of you and the glass world.

Hope your sale went well. I should do the same thing and get rid of some of the "stuff" around here. :)

Grannie Annie said...

Cool picture Sis...good job. How is your Dad doing? Love you.

Manang Kim said...

A great capture there's a lot of shadow there. Happy Sunday!

Little Barn

James said...

Very cool picture.

Woman in a Window said...

Sometimes we need to look more than once to see what things really are. We grow accostumed to expecting things, so easily, don't we.

Yard sale?


Clytie said...

Wow, it turned out better than what I thought when I saw it on your camera!!! Love it!!!

Dianne said...

I love your shot
you've got the whole world in your camera :)

sheri said...

beth, i love your photo! not only did you get your own reflection and the globe but the inside of the office, too! this really was a cool pic and i doubt that you even tried to create it...accidents can be truly fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Neat shot and a self portrait to boot.

Kass said...

Very unapologetic and cool.

Photos By Cai said...

Great Sunday Shot photo!
Check out my photo here!

Also its a new week which means new challenges at, my very own photo challenge :)

The themes are as usual:

Monday - Creative Colors
Tuesday - Macro
Wednesday - 2 of a kind
Thursday - Urban
Friday - Sunset

Have a good one!