Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shadow on Filbert Leaves

I captured these wonderfully sun-drenched leaves on my last walk with my darling Sister Clytie. This is a wild filbert tree--I love the way the sun illuminates the leaves and that crisp shadow of leaf .

When I was young, my siblings and I loved playing in the thickets of filberts growing between the house and the old Oak tree.   We made rooms and corridors from one place to another by knotting and tying the nimble branches of the filbert trees together.  Wild blackberries and honeysuckle vines would twine up through those living walls to fill the air with fragrance and an occasional snack!

Years later I found thick knots where the limbs of the wild filberts had continued to grow after we'd tied them together.  Ah, childhood--sometimes I wish I could go back there.


Cedar ... said...

Oh yes, back to childhood! I used to play in thickets of sumac or lilac bushes. Doing the same things, making "houses"... hallways, etc. Growing up with nature gives us our "eye" for photos, doesn't it?

Lois said...

What a pretty shot Beth!

Prospero said...

Ah... to be young again!

sheri... said...

i so loved your photo, rich in color and shadow...your memories made it come alive! it sounds like your childhood was full of such events, how wonderful for you!!

Anonymous said...

The way it was brings back lots of memories. I loved to "camp out" in some woods, alone, and sleep under the stars. Where were the mosquitoes in those days? Anyway, a skillet, and a pound of greasy bacon and a pot and some coffee grounds made the best breakfast in the world and I never did mind if a curious ant jumped in the skillet to check on the bacon.

Living is so difficult these days
And the cost of breath so high;
Just thinking how it used to be
Is enough to make me want to cry.

Abraham Lincoln
My Birds Blog

reanaclaire said...

Great to feel young again.. my childhood fren from Toronto came and left... i will miss her ..


Clytie said...

Ah yes, the forts we used to make ... and the treehouses ... the bridges over the (ditch) rivers ... the rafts on the (pond) lake ... we had a lot of imagination, and NO TV.

serline said...

Wonderful light and shadow shot!