Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hearts for my Sister

This photo is dedicated to my darling Sissy. I clicked this photo as we walked together beneath the gold-clad trees. Even then, I knew these hearts were especially meant for her.
They are golden and brave. Just like my sister. They are filled with the promise of change to come, yet gorgeous in the beauty that is. That is my sister, beautiful and brave of heart.
"We have been friends together, in both Sunshine and Shade." --Caroline Norton
Daddy Update: The surgeons gave the wound on Dad's head (which exposed quite a bit of bone) a one percent chance of healing without surgery. At present, the bone is completely covered and the skin around the wound only has about one and a half inches to go--if that! Dad is a walking miracle! Early next month, Dad will be going in for a neck check up--we are praying for the same miraculous healing in his broken neck bones.
.My siblings and I cleared and cleaned our parents home and property enough that they were able to return home last Sunday morning! They seem so happy. Next weekend we are tearing down a rotten section of their home--down to the floorboards, so I would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers for safety for everyone who will be coming over to help.
THANK YOU for your thoughts and prayers--they have meant more to me and my family than you will ever know.


Looking to the Stars said...

Hi, kiddo. Been wondering where you've been :)

Love the pic. You are the most thoughtful person. You remind me of my sister Jinx. She was a very loving and thoughtful person too!

Anonymous said...

All can only be good, with the love that you are sharing with your family and the world.

magiceye said...

holding good thoughts and prayers with you and yours

Nina P. said...

Such wonderful shining hearts... kind of reminds me of you, your sister and your family.... Hearts together with Light shining from above.

May you always be Blessed and my Miracles continue to be granted to your Dad and family. May Guardian Angels surround you and your family, embracing you with wings of safety, healing, and continued Love. Love and Light, Nina P

Clytie said...

Thank you so much, sissie. I love the way you captured the heart of the heart tree. It is indeed beautiful.

Grannie Annie said...

You're such a sweet sister...I'm glad your belong to me sort of.

So glad to hear your Dad is doing so well. You guys are such hard workers, your parents couldn't possibly have any better children.
You & Sissy Cee keep workin and I'll keep cranking out those prayers. Hey don't look now, but I think I'm getting the light end of that deal. love ya keep up the good work.

Wendy said...

Awww, what a nice sisterly thing to do. Some hearts for your sister. Will certainly send some happy, healing thoughts to your family over the weekend.