Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bringing Home the, er, Bacon!

Every year, as we wait for evening fireworks on the Fourth of July, we have the privilege of watching a pair of  nesting Osprey.  This year was special.  She didn't bring home the "bacon," but something else entirely!  Over the space of a couple of hours, I watched this bird drop at least five fish into her nest.

Here you can clearly see the fish in her talons.

Her chicks within the nest put out quite a racket!  One could hear them over the noise of hundreds of people.  I felt so privileged to watch this bird in action.

This was the last catch of the day before the Osprey settled in for an exciting evening of fireworks.

I want to add here that I have a new blog, The Abandoned, dedicated to the photos Sissy and I take  on our walks through the abandoned mega church complex near where we grew up.  I hope you enjoy visiting!


Sunny said...

Awesome pictures, Beth! There are some really incredible sights in nature :)
☼ Sunny

Lois said...

What a wonderful series of pictures Beth! I almost feel like I was there.

Anonymous said...

One of a kind photographs. You did a great job on getting these. I suppose you can see even more if they are the original size.

Greyscale Territory said...

Wonderful photos! Adore seeing Nature in action like this!

jeannette said...

Waauw, you caught it at the right moment! You are amazing!
Some little young had a good dinner on the 4th of July!

iwings said...

How great to have such a beauties around. lovely!