Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heart of the River - Guest Heart Thursday

I hardly know how to put yesterday's experience into words.  As we floated into the air, flame pushing the heated air into the balloon--I finally discovered how a cloud must feel--or a bird.  Because of the air currents and the variable temperatures, our trip was a half hour longer than most.  We landed on a gentle swell of grassy mountain with a hop and a skip.

One of the most thrilling sights of the trip was that of the Willamette River which winds through Oregon's capitol city, Salem.  The river was spectacular--I couldn't help noticing the island near Marion Street Bridge is heart-shaped.  The island is a designated rookery where Blue Herons and other wild birds nest.

Just after I shot the Heart of the River, our helmsman began to lower the balloon toward the river.

A lady standing on the shore urged him to get a little closer--and he did!

We were so close to the water I caught this picture of myself taking a picture.  Then our helmsman actually dipped the basket of the balloon into the water of the river!  We were so close to the riverbank we bumped a boat moored at the edge and the basket caught for a moment on the side of a dock before we shot straight up the face of a wall of trees growing on the edges of the waterway.

What an adventure!  More pictures to come!!!

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Sunny said...

Wow! What an exciting experience! I love the heart shaped island and can't wait to see more pictures.
☼ Sunny

Limar said...

Sounds like an awesome experience, great pics :)

Grannie Annie said...

Wow! a heart shaped island...looks like you're on Sissy Cea's wench list for sure.
I hope you both have a wonderful
4th of July weekend...give each other a hug for me if you get together. Love you.