Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Challenge - Flowers!

We've decided to take a walk each day for our health's sake, whenever possible.  This morning was lovely with rare sunshine glinting through the tulip tree blossoms.

The dew was still fresh on the daffodils smiling from the edge of the sidewalk.

I have not seen this blue of a sky in what feels like forever!  Even we Oregonians, during this record-breaking rainy month of March, have grown tired of our gray skies.  This blue just fills my eyes.

Then more daffodils starring the gardens along the sidewalk--what a lovely sight to see!

Join us in the flower challenge at Random Challenges!


Gallery Juana said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. BlogParty has been a great way to see new blogs.

These flowers are amazing and the blue sky to boot.

Our daffodils bloomed in March. They are always a joy to see. Enjoy your walks.

Clytie said...

How very beautiful! You found so many flowers! Ours are very ho-hum this year ... all this rain ... all those hungry garden critters ... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

criticalcrass said...

these are lovely photos. thanks for sharing them.