Thursday, March 18, 2010

Geometric Skies

It was so beautiful yesterday, I went outside to talk on the phone with my friend--good thing I had my camera with me--I caught this perfect triangle in the sky next to the great cedar tree.

A few hours later I glimpsed some interesting clouds through my office window--I ran outside with my camera and caught this amazing triangle which appears to have a circle in its middle.

A little later--clicking away--I noticed a square. If you look closely, there's a perfect heart inside. Can you see it?
Is this strange?
None of these photos, other than leveling, have been touched up in any way. I find our Geometric Skies to be more than a little disconcerting.


Clytie said...

I'm not sure what to make of your geometric skies ... but I sure like that little heart!!! :=}

PS watch out for square raindrops and triangle hailstones???

Grannie Annie said...

So cool your geometry teacher would be proud of you. Now how about a dodecahedron...hmmm.

Shelle said...

lol, gosh i haven't seen things in the clouds since i was a kid...maybe i should start doing that with my dc.

Wendy said...

Love that little heart too. You have a real talent. You should look for hidden messages in the clouds. You know how people read tea leaves? You are reading clouds.

BTW - in the first pic, I see a lady in an old fashioned hat. The kind that has a scarf tying it to her head. The triangle is the hat, with scarf ties that go under her chin. The rest of her body is right where it should be. I think her arm is bent a little, as if she's just about to run or dance.