Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Introducing Princess Buttercup

After five days hiding beneath the bathtub, our kitty is finally out and about.  She's still a little shy, as you can see.  

It wasn't long before we noticed she didn't seem to like the name Tinkerbell.  She'd become a little twitchy when we called her by that name.  The three of us were watching The Princess Bride together, when I jokingly cried, "Pawincess Buttahcup!" 

Her ears snapped toward me.  Surprised at her instantaneous reaction, I repeated the name, "Princess Buttercup?!"  She turned her head and looked  into my eyes.  I am sure she was smiling.

Then my husband said, "Buttercup!"  She stood to her paws and walked up his chest to purr her approval.

So here she is, introducing our new furry friend, Princess Buttercup!


sheri... said...

aw, now that's nice! too bad you couldn't have watched the movie a little soon...5 days under the tub is a long time, lol. she is so pretty...is she new to your place?

Sunny said...

Nice to meet you, Princess Buttercup. You certainly are a regal kitty.
Sunny :)

Grannie Annie said...

Oh that is a great story...and what a gorgeous kitty. She looks much more like a "Buttercup" she is too fluffy to be a little "Tinkerbell" and she definitely is a Princess.
I can't believe it's the middle of May already...time just flies by. I hope you all had a good time on Clytie's Birthday.
Make it a great Monday...Love you.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story to show ( again) how intelligent cats are and how much they know who they are.Give beautiful Buttercup a smile from me and a purr from Robby ( who did not want to be anybody else, obviously)
kind regards, Martina

Sharon said...

What a beauty she is! (and how brave of you to take on the high maintenance of a long hair) ;)
Perfect name, too.

Cheryl said...

She's a beauty! I think her name is wonderful. She obviously approves!

Al said...

Congratulations on your new cat! I love cats but my family is all allergic, so we have a dog instead. But we think he's a great little dog.

Clytie said...

Welcome to your new home, Princess Buttercup!

I'm in agreement that Tinkerbell was too angular of a name for such a beautiful fluffball. Buttercup is perfect!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful cat to be sure and thick lovely fur too.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful princess! Buttercup perfectly suits her! She's beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, The Princess Bride is the BEST movie EVER made! hahaha - and I love that you gave the kitty the name from one of the funniest characters in the movie!
"The Preacher-Man" - -

you posted to my blog a LONG time ago, I've been away a long time, going through some really rough stuff, but hopefully am back -

LOVE your pictures! - - and my little shelter kitty, Pepper says a hello to your new little one - yes, it's sometimes sad when we might not be compatible, but you did find one to love - -

take care,
have a good week,