Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nose to Nose

A storm rolled through yesterday--I caught this cloud face nose to nose with what looks like a fat little whale.  The little fellow's tail is hidden behind the tippy top of the tree.  I know I have a great imagination, but the face seems pretty clear to me.  I have not touched this photo up in any way, other than adjusting the levels. 

It is so amazing what one can see in the clouds.


Clytie said...

How could I not see it?


I love what you see in the clouds, sissie!

Anonymous said...

I see the whale but it took longer to see the face or profile in the cloud.

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Gledwood said...

O wow!

A few years ago I went crazy and used to see faces ~ the same way you can see faces in the clouds ~ all over the place... in my carpets, in piles of washing, plastic bags... everywhere. Weird, huh??!?

(Doesn't happen these day.)

~Cheryl said...

I love this! It thrills me through and through!

Sunny said...

That is truly amazing. I'm so glad you were looking up.
Sunny :)

Grannie Annie said...

It seems obvious to me that she is face to face with a fish. What cool picture.
I hope you have a fantastic Friday dear Sissy. Love you

Lois said...

Looks like they are about to kiss!

Garden Lily said...

Wow, the face is so clear, even without any alteration! Your cloud images are so delightful - keep 'em coming.