Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The view from Dad's 7th story hospital room window was stupendous with an amazing vista of capitol buildings, trees, sky and clouds.

I don't know what kind of critter this was, but he gamboled playfully up to the window. I think he was trying to get Dad's attention. The little fellow posed for my camera, then floated away.

DADDY UPDATE: Dad is eating well. Mumsie says he slept well last night, though awoke complaining of pain in the back of his neck where it is broken. He seems better this morning, and there were no hallucinations or flashbacks. Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for Dad's complete healing.


Cedar ... said...

good news about your father. very good news. now that critter? definitely a flying puppy!

Clytie said...

It could be a puppy, though the face looks a little mouse-ish!

Sharon said...

glad to hear your dad's room has a great view, as that's supposed to be a significant aid to the healing process.
...and I vote for a cat-tailed puppy.

Nina P. said...

What a wonderful little critter for your Dad to look out at. I'm glad he's at your sisters and is doing better. Healing prayers are going up... Love and Light, Nina P.

Liara Covert said...

Every human being is in the process of healing in ways that are not always registered on a conscious level. Your perception of healing is at least partly limited to what you permit the self to take in through physical senses. As you transcend this, yo urealize healing is going on constantly, on many unseen levels. Found you through Bern's blog.