Monday, July 20, 2009

A Cloud Angel for Clytie

I was on the phone this morning, talking with my sister Clytie. I was describing the cloud angels I was seeing in the skies--and the rainbow in the high clouds above the sun. I did catch the rainbow--but I also clicked this photo of an angel. Do you see her?
Not much after that, she flew over to Clytie's house to make an appearance there.
Daddy Update: Dad's cousin Fred came to visit Dad. Dad seems so much better for the visit. He is perky and told me he's getting really bored sitting in bed all day long! A GOOD sign!


Wendy said...

Oh yes! A really really good sign for your dad! Yippeeee!

What a cool cloud angel! Nice that you sent her over to your sister's. Hope she stayed for tea.

Clytie said...

I see a cloud angel, but it's hard to tell if it's the same one you see! I notice we all see something different when we look at things. That's really cool.

Nina P. said...

What a beautiful cloud angel you sent to your sister! You and your family are truly Blessed! Angels and hearts watching over you all the time.
So glad to hear your Dad is healing and doing better. Time, Love, Prayers and a little vim and viggor never hurt. Love and Light, Nina P.