Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Love

One of our first dates was to chase a steam locomotive along the river near Oregon City. You haven't lived until you've chased trains with my husband! We live near a busy train track, and my darling husband has figured out their routes, and the best ways to follow along as closely as he dares possible. Which, since it runs down the middle of the street here, is not hard! He is a rare man. Though we have had our differences, he has been a good Father and a wonderful husband.

Here, near Stevenson, Washington in the park there, he climbed a steep rocky hill to await the rumble and screeing of a passing train.


Grannie Annie said...

Lordy Beth, at first glance I thought he was a statue of an old sea captain. I love the pipe it's a classic and what a great profile. I would be dressing him up just to take pictures of him.
Now about chasing trains just what do you do when you catch one??? I have never heard of this, jumping them yes chasing them no...Did I mention that my sister was hit and almost killed by a wonder you believe in guardian angels. :o}

Clytie said...

I love this picture of your hubby. Perfectly in character with train chasing. When my nephew was small, he went to watch his first train and it tipped over in front of him. He doesn't care about trains anymore. I'm glad you guys still do. Some of my best memories of you guys involve trains. Remember the train ride at Tinytown, Colorado?

Cedar ... said...

Just like GrannieAnnie, I thought it was a statue! What a classic looking guy he is,... love the pipe. so nice that you can enjoy something together,... I watch trains too, but have never chased one. Loved riding from Albany NY to Washington DC and back several times. I don't enjoy flying so the train, although it took several hours, was a treat.

Woman in a Window said...

Train chasing, of course. Who wouldn't?