Friday, August 7, 2009

Bug House Condo

This is an unusual clustering of what we used to call "bug houses." They probably not really bug houses at all. When a bug house is broken, one can see a delicate structure of soft honey-colored webbing filling the interior.
Bug houses can be great fun. Growing up, my siblings and I found many uses for them. They float, they can be used as "tossy balls" and when batted with a length of branch , they blow to pieces quite satisfactorily.
Daddy Update: Daddy Update: The plastic surgeon and consultants have determined skin grafts will not be applied until Dad's broken neck is healed. Dad will be wearing a neck brace for five more months. The surgeons are sure the exposed bone will not heal over by itself. Since the wound vac has been removed, Mom and I have been changing the dressings each day. It seems to us that his head is starting to heal. I would appreciate your prayers for the broken bones in his neck to heal, and for exposed bone to grow new skin overtop. Nothing is impossible with God. Miracles happen every day! Thank you!


Grannie Annie said...

Cool...I have never seen a bug house before, they look like they have potential for many delights. Thanks for sharing. Many blessing to your Dad and Mom.

Clytie said...

I think they must have some kind of bugs in them ... judging from the way the stellar jays go to town on them! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Crash!

Wendy said...

Strange I found a wasp nest up in one of our trees. Took a few pics and will post it on my other blog in a day or two. It looks very similar to your bug house - only I have one - not a full condo. LOL!

Will keep your Dad in my prayers. He's come so far, the rest should heal properly too. Keeping my finger crossed.

Woman in a Window said...

Gifts of nature. Never seen these before but I know my kids would love them.

My best thoughts to your father.