Monday, August 24, 2009

Ghandi Stood Here

I took this photo from the old sound booth of the abandoned mega-church. As we explored the stage, my sister Clytie told me that in its heyday, many famous people visited here. Ghandi was one of them. I was flabbergasted. To actually stand where Ghandi stood, was mind-boggling.

I might not agree with some of his teachings, but Ghandi is an incredible example of one simple man who's ideas changed the entire world.

Perhaps I can make a difference in my world, too.


Clytie said...

So sad that this place has been reduced to broken windows, rubble and spray painted tags.

Prospero said...

That's a neat story. And how does Clytie know all these things?

Looking to the Stars said...

To stand where greatness stood would be a wonderful thing. You were very lucky.

It takes a great man to believe in world peace and practice it. Ghandi was that great man.

I believe you are already making a differance in your part of the world :)

Liara Covert said...

One perspective is that everyone has stood everywhere at some moment. To sense the positive energy vibration of Gandhi awakens a smilar energy vibration within the depths of your soul. You connect with all energy yet feel drawn more strongly in certain directions when soul deems it.

Anonymous said...

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