Friday, August 21, 2009

Fiery Profile

"Look! The sky is golden," Mom cried, pointing at the skies glowing above the curtained windows. I ran into the kitchen, snatched my camera from the counter and flew out the door. Color pulsed in the skies and I was in awe.

I walked along the streets clicking pictures as I went. Barefoot I made my way to the big meadow next to the grade school. I'm sure the neighbors must have thought I was crazy, but I did not care--The skies were fiery with color.

When I looked back through pictures of the sunset, I found the profile of a man just above the trees. Do you see him? What do YOU see?


Prospero said...

Right now, I'm just enjoying the sky, ablaze with color.

Woman in a Window said...

I do believe you live for the sky. You would have been doing some living here tonight. I've never seen a sky like I saw tonight. It looked like a tornado was brewing in the upper clouds,
and then a layer of grey grey grey, and then dark blue, and then sky blue. It was a wonder. And all was calm. Uncanny, it was. Unsettling. Life affirming. You'd have rushed it bare foot for sure!

Nina P. said...

Wow! The sky has truly been fascinating place to watch lately. With all the storms etc.. There have been some magnificent clouds, rainbows, sunsets and sun rises! Natures imagination at work. This photo is simply beautiful! The colors the depth! I could look at it for hours seeing the glory and mastery of it. Thank you! Love and Light, Nina P

Clytie said...

Beautiful, sissie. The colors are simply fantastic.