Sunday, August 16, 2009

Indigo Heart for Clytie

We were winging along the Columbia Gorge River highway behind a hearse when I spied this heart cloud floating over the river. I immediately thought of my darling Sissy Clytie and snapped the photo.

To be truthful I was amazed at how well the picture came out, considering we were following that hearse at speeds sometimes well over 75 miles per hour!

What a race! Our dear Florence (in the coffin) was most likely watching overhead, laughing herself silly over the antics of everyone in the long line of cars endeavoring to follow that speeding hearse on its way to the cemetery--through rush hour traffic no less! (gasp) I have to say--I've NEVER followed a hearse in such an allfaldaral hurry before! What an adventure! But so appropriate for our lovely Florence, who's quirky sense of humor brightened every one's lives.


Looking to the Stars said...

What a beautiful picture. A nice memory to have for a day of loss :)

Following a hearse is hard enough but through a mountain road would have me white knuckling it.

Florence sounds like she had a good sense of humor, did she like joy rides? Because it seems her last ride was a joy :)

Clytie said...

Beautiful and perfect heart! Sounds like you had an interesting ride. I'm sure Florence was laughing herself.

Wendy said...

Yikes! I do hope Florence didn't mind the "joy ride"! Nice heart pic in the clouds. Seems kind of fitting for Florence's last journey.

Cedar ... said...

I think that Florence was giggling the whole way.