Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hemmed in Ice

In January the cold ice slicked and sparkled over our entire world. My Grandfather called this phenomenon a "Silver Thaw." Which is a lovely and whimsical way to to describe an ice storm.

Over the space of a week the icicles on the eves of our home grew to over three feet long. This is the view from one of the upstairs windows. It looks for all the world like a hem of icy fringe.

Years ago I remember my siblings and I flocking outside to marvel at a magical world covered with glittering ice. We would slide across the little pond and pull ice leaves from plants to eat them. Ice leaves seemed to have a flavor all their own. Then there were the icicles, which, held in our sock-clad fingers, also made a lovely winter treat.

Ah, Winter. Though you are intriguing, I am glad Spring has finally melted you away!


Clytie said...

Too bad we can't save these for the heat of summer! Yes, I too am happy for the return of Spring!

Cedar ... said...

Winter is lovely when it arrives and twice as lovely when it leaves! Welcome Spring!

Woman in a Window said...

Ice leaves? Imagine. I can't. Well, barely. We've six feet of snow by then, at least, and nary a leaf to be seen. How cool. Long leaves throated to melt. Very fine.