Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Did You Say to Throw It?

Yesterday, down at the river bank, I was teaching my tiny niece how to throw rocks into the water underhanded. WOW! What an arm she has!
In this shot, her face shows her level of concentration as she was learning how to throw the rock using sound. "Whouaah!" we'd yell, as we threw rocks into the river. Then we would giggle together to hear the waters splash. The river was laughing back, you see.
What a great lesson to learn--it is the simple things in life which give the most enjoyment, and make living worth while.


Woman in a Window said...

Absolutely. I was just at the river tonight by myself pitching stones. I'll have to yahoo next time!

Cedar ... said...

A beautiful day and a beautiful little girl!

Dewdrop said...

Love this shot, Beth. She looks so focused for her size.

magiceye said...

superb portrait!

Grannie Annie said...

What a cutie she's a mini you!

Wendy said...

Ha! I also thought that she looks like a mini you, but wasn't going to say it.

She looks so determined! And so sweet! Those moments are so precious.