Monday, May 4, 2009

Bee Pretty in Pink

Honey bees are tiny heralds of spring. With their cheery hum, and gentle disposition, they bring with them a sense of contentment. This good-natured little fellow let me follow him around the tree clicking photos as I went. (grin) He was a little frustrated with me by the time I caught this lovely picture of him. He was never mean, did not try to sting me, and kept on working.
What a happy industrious little insect. I imagine I would be happy too, if I were a bee, loaded with purpose, lost in all that pink fragrant blossoming--even with a crazy human following along with that gigantic black eye, clicking and buzzing...indeed, I would be happy.


Cedar ... said...

I wish I had such a focus,.. it's so easy for me to get distracted. Go for it, little bee!

Grannie Annie said...

Oh the blossoms, don't you just love trees in bloom and joy of joys a bee (an all too rare sight), too cold here for bees yet. I love your photos.
I finished my Bliss project a lot sooner then I thought... now I'm with you, I can hardly wait. I just love seeing self expression in art, it's facsinating.

Woman in a Window said...

Happily drunk on the moment, I think. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for Spring to get going here.Although there are traces of where her feet have tip-toed in, I still wait for her to dance her dance in full flight *sigh* But coming in here, you bring her that little bit nearer. Thanking you.

Sharon said...

Girl! you made me work for that one.. had to enlarge the photo before I could see the little guy!
we've only had a few big fat bumblebees here so far..I almost never see true small honeybees like this one here on western Long Island in least not in my backyard.